Atomic structure and phason modes of the Sc–Zn icosahedral quasicrystal

  • 22
  • Jul
  • 2016


Tsunetomo Yamada, Hiroyuki Takakura, Holger Euchner, Cesar Pay Gómez, Alexei Bosak, Pierre Fertey and Marc de Boissieu



IUCrJ (2016) 3, 247-258 (link)




The detailed atomic structure of the binary icosahedral i-ScZn7.33 quasicrystal has been investigated by means of high-resolution synchrotron single-crystal X-ray diffraction and absolute scale measurements of diffuse scattering. The structure is isomorphous to the i-CdYb one, but with a significant amount of Zn/Sc chemical disorder located mainly on a specific site. The observed diffuse scattering is fully accounted for by phason fluctuations. This structure determination, with a detailed understanding of the chemical order and siorder, open the route for a better analysis of quasicrystal sabilizing mmechanisms.