Below is a list of the current post-doc and phd openings within the network: 

2024 -  PhD position available at the Jean Lamour Institute Nancy within the GREENE project.

2024 -  PhD position available at TU Chemnitz in collaboration with the Ernst-Ruska-Centre in Jülich

 2024 - PhD position (m/f/x) at the Université de Lorraine, Jean Lamour Institute, Nancy.

2024 - Assistant Professor position at the ILTSR PAS in the Division of Low Temperatures and Superconductivity, more details here.

Expires 15/01/2024


2023- PhD position at Empa in asymmetric synthesis on chiral intermetallic surfaces available here.

2023- PhD position (m/f/x) at The TU Chemnitz in Catalytic Selective Hydrogenation available here

2023- PhD position (m/f/x) at The TU Chemnitz in Electro Catalysis available here