Mar. 14th 2023

Proposed by Dr. Magdalena Wencka

and agreed by the Executive Board

As our ECMetAC network is entirely inclusive and taking care about wellbeing of our network members, it is recommended to follow the good practices listed below:

1) We encourage meeting organizers to have facilities dedicated to our researchers who have special needs (rest rooms for pregnant women and health or medical purposes), their families (f.e. rooms for feeding babies including breastfeeding and changing the babies, equipped in a refrigerator, microwave oven and an armchair/couch - if possible) and researchers with disabilities (a ramp, an elevator, e.t.c).

2) Great care should be taken to fulfill participants dietary requirements (allergies, …).

3) Participants of annual events organized by our network should mention their special requirements filling a registration form.

4) All necessary information (location of feeding rooms, e.t.c.) should be available at a conference/workshop/Euroschool desk.

5) A good practice would be to implement the above-mentioned issues into the event organization. This should be discussed between local organizers representing the ECMetAC and a particular hotel/institution/company representative.