“Communication and negotiation skills for researchers”

  • 11
  • May
  • 2021

“Communication and negotiation skills for researchers”

on-line on Mai 26th 2021

We shall propose workshop improving communication and negotiation skills toward better understanding of inclusiveness that is the quality of including many different people and treating them all fairly and equally (https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/inclusiveness). The main values behind inclusiveness are as follow:

- humanity to create space for others to contribute at equal way;

- awareness of bias that shows awareness of personal blind spots and flaws in the systems, value talents, effort and achievements than wealth and social position;

- curiosity about others to demonstrate open mindset and deep curiosity about others, listening without judgment and seeking with empathy to understand others;

- cultural intelligence toward being attentive to other’s cultures and adapt as required;

- effective collaboration that empower others, paying attention to diversity of thinking and psychological safety toward focusing on team cohesion.            

Our training program contains block of communication with elements of interculturalism, roles in groups according to Meredith Belbin, stress management and savoir vivre. The second part of our workshop will be dedicated to negotiation skills including negotiations styles, self-presentations for negotiations, issue of difficult co-worker and assertiveness in difficult conversations. We shall propose practical exercises on team roles, assertiveness in difficult conversations including conversation with a supervisor. Our workshop will be guided by Mariusz Frątczak, who is a Board Member and the Sales and Marketing Director of Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań, Poland. He is experienced sales trainer and business coach specialized in communication, public speaking, customer service and trade negotiation. He conducted more than 200 research and consulting projects in banking, financial support, education service and renewable energy (wind farms).

Contribution in our workshop is free for the ECMetAC members. The workshop is integrated with the EUROSCHOOL 2021 schedule (https://ecmetac.eu/ecmetac-days?view=seeminicontent&id=38&page=83#) and it is available also to everybody who will not attend in the EUROSCHOOL 2021.

            ECMetAC members who would like to participate ONLY in the workshop are kindly asked to send their requests by Mai 24th to: magdalena.wencka@ijs.si


                                                                      Hoping to see you soon,


Dr. Magdalena Wencka

Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia