IRN Aperiodic

  • 16
  • Oct
  • 2020
Long range aperiodic order is encountered in vast variety of compounds and/or research fields such as simple chemical elements under pressure, mineralogy, magnetic order, multiferroics, high Tc superconductors, strongly correlated electronic systems, intermetallic compounds, organic compounds, soft condensed matter etc…  Whereas their atomic structure is rather well understood,  the question of the influence or role of aperiodic order on the stability or the physics and chemistry of these compounds remains largely unexplored.
The purpose of the International Resaerch Network between France – Germany – Japan is to foster collaborations between the aperiodic crystal community and the one working on chemical and physical properties of materials to tackle these fascinating questions. 

The first IRN kick-off meeting took place as an e-meeting from 21st-25th September 2020. An international workshop is planned from 10-14 May at Carry le Rouet, France.

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