Workshop entitled “Innovative Researcher: How to design a marketable best-seller PhD thesis”

  • 05
  • Oct
  • 2022

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend in an innovation skills developing workshop entitled „Innovative Researcher: How to design marketable PhD thesis" guided by Innovation Consultants and Design Thinking Facilitators Katarzyna Gliszczyńska and Magdalena Wencka (who is also a doctor of physics). Katarzyna will be happy to share with you some success stories as well as failures and lessons learned from the projects accomplished with and for individuals, small start-ups and big corporations. The cherry on top will be an on-line interview with an academic who started to use design thinking and turned insights from his PhD research into supermarkets best-selling book present in numerous bookstores. This event will be held on the November 24th in Split (Croatia) and will be a part of the ECMetAC Days 2022. Additional information are available here.

See you soon in Split!

Dr. Magdalena Wencka
J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Chairing person