• 02
  • Sep
  • 2012

The Commission on aperiodic Crystals of the International Union of Crystallography is organizing the 7th International Conference on Aperiodic Crystals to be hosted in Cairns, Australia, September 2-7, 2012.

The conference will celebrate the 2011 Nobel Laureate Dan Shechtman.
The submission for abstract is open and covers the following topoics:
Crystallographic and structural studies of aperiodic crystals . Mathematics of aperiodic order. Metallurgy, synthesis, growth and stability of aperiodic crystals and related complex metallic alloys. Frustration, defects, partial order, correlated disorder, and structured diffuse scattering. Electronic, magnetic and other physical properties of aperiodic crystals. Dynamics of aperiodic crystals. Aperiodic surfaces, thin films and adsorbates. Quasiperiodic soft matter and biomolecular aperiodic ordering. Applications of aperiodic crystals, including metamaterials and photonic quasicrystals 

Information on the web site: http://rsc.anu.edu.au/~perri/Aperiodic/Aperiodic_Home.html