World Inclusion Day

  • 31
  • Oct
  • 2022

Dear Friends,

On the October 10th 2022 we celebrate the World Inclusion Day dedicated to highlight an importance of creating a togetherness among individuals possessing various abilities, backgrounds, ages, races, religions, genders, etc. A spirit of being inclusive is to show an initiative and empathy toward the others building compassionate, welcoming, respectful and united society at the same time. Inclusion is a kindness and honouring others, sharing values among each other, appreciating individualities, making each other comfortable and celebrating being united. The culture of inclusiveness causes teams-in-science happy and consolidated, the same increasing their effectiveness.

Wishing us all the happy World Inclusion Day 2022, I invite you to explore and practice by yourself how to be more inclusive.


Dr. Magdalena Wencka
J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Leader of the Equality and Diversity in Material Science RAD