Euroschool 2015

C-Mac EuroSchool 2015 will be dedicated to Material synthesis and characterization applied to complex metallic alloys  and it will take place in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia.


Target audience

C-MAC Euroschool 2015 aims at advanced students, PhD students and PostDocs with quite broad research specification, since this year we focus on quite general aspects of sample preparation and material diagnostics.


Registration deadline: May 1, 2015

Organizing Commitee:

Marc de Boissieu, SIMAP Grenoble, France

Peter Gille, LMU Munich, Germany

Marek Mihalkovic, IPSAS Bratislava, Slovakia

Peter Svec, IPSAS Bratislava, Slovakia




Lectures will be complemented by step-by-step tutorials.

Catherine Tassin, Grenoble, Thermodynamics

Peter Gille, Bulk Materials Preparation

Marek Mihalkovic, Bratislava, Introduction to Complex atomic structures

Marc de Boissieu, Grenoble, X-ray / Neutron Characterization

Constantin Vahlas, Toulouse, Coatings

Richard.Portier, Paris, Transmission Electron Microscopy and SEM

Peter Svec, Bratislava, Nanostructures


Tutorials & Lab Visits / Hands-on Exercises

Marek Mihalkovic: Crystal Structure Prediction

Marc de Boissieu, Richard Portier: X-ray diffraction and TEM

Richard Portier, Marc de Boissieu: Crystallography

Catherine Tassin: Thermodynamics


Presentations - posters


Presentation of participants’ research in form of posters is warmly encouraged.

Book of abstracts with ISBN in form of pdf-file will be provided to participants upon registration.

The authors can submit their abstracts using the provided Abstract Template.

Abstracts should be submitted by email to by May 1, 2015.