How to reach MONS Hotel and Congress Centre?




                   Hotel MONS


                        Pot za Brdom 4


                        1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia






                        +386 (1) 47 02 700


                        +386 (1) 47 02 708



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Participants arriving by plane are advised to book Ljubljana airport as their final destination. There are several direct flights a day to/from major European hubs and other destinations. Most flights are operated by the national airline - Adria Airways, which is a Star Alliance member, so that ticket booking is easy. Ljubljana Airport is located 26 km north of the capital city, Ljubljana.


The MONS Hotel & Congress Centre is located 20 km from the airport ( The fastest solution to reach MONS from the airport is to take a taxi. The taxi rank is right in front of the terminal. A fare from the Airport to the MONS Hotel & Congress Centre costs approximately 40 EUR and the journey will last about 20 minutes.


Another convenient option is to take shuttle (e.g., "Prevozi Markun" company and several others). Inform the driver of your final destination (MONS Hotel) and you will be transferred directly there. The trip will last about 30 minutes (depending on the destination of other passengers, who are all transferred door-to-door) and will cost about 9 EUR per person. Shuttle vans are parked in front of the arrivals hall (across the main street). The shuttle time table of "Prevozi Markun" can be found at!__english. There are other companies offering shuttle transfer (door-to-door) from/to the airport. The vans are parked at the same place as the vans of "Prevozi Markun". Any shuttle company at the airport is appropriate and can be trusted.




MONS Hotel is also offering transport from/to Ljubljana airport. You can arrange the transfer (covered individually) via the C-MAC 2013 Registration form.




Ljubljana main Bus and Railway Stations are located together in the city centre. Ljubljana Railway Station is the central railway hub. There are several trains a day departing to/from major European cities. Arriving to the Ljubljana main Bus/Railway Station, the best solution is to take a taxi to the Mons Hotel & Congress Centre. The distance is about 4 km. There is no public local bus connecting the railway station to the MONS Hotel.




Entering Slovenia by car from the direction of Salzburg/Villach (A), you will enter through the »Karawanken« tunnel. Arriving from Vienna/Graz (A), you will enter through Sentilj/Spielfeld border pass. Arriving from Trieste (I), you cross the border at Fertetici/Fernetti. In all cases you will continue travel via the Slovenian highway network (»vignette« required) that will take you directly to the MONS Hotel & Congress Center. Once crossing the Slovenian border, you are not far from Ljubljana (about 100 km from any border pass). 



The MONS Hotel & Congress Cent is located right beside the highway loop around the city of Ljubljana, at the »Ljubljana North« part of the loop. Exit from the highway at the »BRDO« exit. Once there, you are less than 1 km from the MONS Hotel & Congress Center. MONS offers a large free parking area.